What do our customers say?

Thank you for the AMAZING training you did this morning, I learned so much (and miss some things due to taking notes). You and everyone else at NLE are ROCKSTARS and thank you again for exceptional training you all give us!! Have a GREAT Day!

Gina Antonini | Recruiter | Berkeley Search Consultants

I’ve been actively participating in Greg Doersching’s program. The sessions are jam packed with relevant and useable/useful information. I’ve always benefited from trainings through SRA but this series seems to be applicable to everyone, regardless of geography, industry, level, etc. Not only am I actively taking in the information but I’m listening to some sessions twice to make sure I am capturing everything. I am finding that I can apply virtually everything he advises to how I am building my business plan. I had some questions and he spent over 30-minutes coaching me.

I am grateful that this training is available and hope others will participate in it.

Scott White | Senior Search Director | HireMinds LLC

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your recently completed Business Development Webinar Series. I’m new to the recruiting business following my retirement from industry two years ago. As a hiring sales manager during the largest part of my career I developed a healthy appreciation for what a good recruiter could do for me. I’m working exclusively in BD for my current firm so I found your series especially impactful, educational, and highly informative. Thanks again for a great series.

Phil Strader | Director, Client Development | Hire Horizons

First, my genuine thanks again to you. I have been implementing much of the fountain of wisdom I gained from your three Next Level Exchange workshop series this past Summer: Owner Wisdom Series; Summer School; and Ultimate Guide to Client Development.

Seriously, you are an AWESOME recruiting coach / mentor. The clergy missed a great one.

Of course, I also loved actually knowing of someone by name, your son, who won the 2019 NCAA Home Run Derby. Truly enjoyed watching the Home Run Derby video to which you shared a link.

I was good before receiving your coaching; I learned a lot from years on the road of hard knocks and learning the hard way. However, Greg, your coaching has definitely helped sharpen and improve my thinking, focus, and everyday approach. Thank you!

Bob Belcher | Belcher & Associates Specialized Recruiting

I want to thank you, in doing this course a whole lot of things came together for me. I had seen your other training where you used some of your forms that you shared in this teaching and I had begun to use them but I still was not quite where I wanted to be with it. But it all seemed to make a whole lot more sense. I used part of your submittal packet and my clients loved it. She said she liked it a lot more then when I just wrote a paragraph about the candidate and a resume. So I am grateful for this teaching its already making me a better recruiter. I came into this about a year and a half ago coming from a collection sales position for 10 years and there are some similarities in the job believe it or not. But there are a whole lot of differences. I am going to be working on my packet this weekend so that I have your system in place as I think it’s the best I can do for myself and my company. Again thanks. I am a newbie but have been running a full desk and really should of come on as just one part or the other but with this info I think I will do well. I got Three reps on this last month and working on a couple more job orders this simplifies it a lot.

Kimberly Carlton | Headhunter | The Remedy Group

You are the best trainer I’ve ever listened to and learned from in my 12 years of recruiting. Thank you for helping me think outside of the box. I intend to take all your upcoming classes

Kris Watson | Sanford Rose

I wanted to give you a quick update on some of the things I have learned and implemented since participating in your training.

  • After listening and watching your client development and recruiting series, one of the first things I implemented was using the job order intake conversation with clients to create an attraction-based job description and a script. I then role played the script with my hiring manager. I was skeptical at first, but the responses from clients has been fantastic…not one client has ever had a recruiter do this and it immediately set me apart from the herd.
  • Another area I have had many compliments on has been utilizing your submittal packets. Setting the expectation on the job order intake call that we will only present candidates with 5 of the 6 must haves – had made it easy to get interviews when you submit someone with the submittal packet easy outlining that this person has exactly what they said they wanted.

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your help and this stuff absolutely works!!

Jeremy Anderson | President & CEO | Anderson Search Group