SRA Discovery Program

Exclusively offered to qualified individuals and offices, the SRA Discovery Program is 100% customized to address and tackle the current priorities, challenges and goals specific to your firm throughout the course of 6-8 weeks. The decisions made (or not made) have long lasting impacts on how quickly and efficiently milestones are reached and goals are achieved.

Our Executive Leadership Team boasts a combined 300+ years and averages almost 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, elevating search firms to their true potential. SRA is a network of over 180 offices and 1,000+ recruiters.

Our consulting work will help you execute and build the most solid foundation for your firm possible. You get our entire team helping you in virtually every facet of your business.

Individual Consulting Calls:

All calls approximately 90 mins in duration and are customizable based off your specific needs and priorities; includes access to all relevant proprietary documents that we have created.

  • Consulting Call with Karen Schmidt, President of Sanford Rose, Partner with KBIC / NLE: After studying your current search firm model and structure, this call with Karen Schmidt will consult on potential changes needed for the future to include firm models, roles, compensation plans, career paths, territories and team rules. This is designed to help you create the foundation and framework for the future firm you desire to build.
  • Consulting Call with Greg Doersching, Senior Network Advisor: Scaling a firm requires a perpetual funnel of both quantity and quality business. Greg Doersching will share consistent strategies for continuous business development and candidate recruitment, to include methodologies for sequencing tools and deployment of international sourcing capabilities.
  • Consulting Call with Erin Bent, Senior Director of Hiring / Training / Professional Development: Erin Bent will dig into the people side of your business with an assessment of team members, creating learning tracks for continued education and future career paths. She will also analyze current programs around hiring, onboarding, new recruiter training and ongoing professional development to maximize success with recruiter identification, attraction, onboarding, and retention.
  • Consulting Call with Christine Geiger, Senior Advisor Client Success: A thorough and differentiating search process can separate you from the competition while increasing overall effectiveness. While no two firms execute the same nor should sound identical, it is important to have systems, forms, templates, and scripts that are effective and that you feel confident putting into action. Christine Geiger will audit core current materials and share examples of others to consider incorporating as you build a robust and thorough best practices library.
  • Consulting Call with Darren McDougal, CMO for Sanford Rose and President of Next Level Marketing Communications: Since 2006, Darren McDougal has led a team whose sole expertise is marketing communications for the search industry. Darren will analyze your organization and make recommendations in areas that include web presence, SEO, inbound marketing, lead and content generation, social media, LI, and more.
  • Consulting Call with Jeff Kaye, CO-CEO: Bringing this series together, this call with Jeff Kaye will tie all areas needed to build on your foundation to scale your firm including systems, processes, tools and people. This holistic session will provide broader insight of the comprehensive facets of your search business to maximize your effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

SRA Discovery Program Includes:

  • Access to our entire SRA team; whether it’s operational, technology, or people related issues, you will have our 50+ person team to assist in all aspects of your firm.
  • The SRA Owner-Only Intranet which includes all proprietary and confidential material accumulated over decades; documents received include extensive compensation plans, fee and employment agreements, as well as numerous forms, programs and procedures related to operations, hiring, training, and performance management.
  • Premium level access to 100% of content on Next Level Exchange (NL Academy and NLE TV) to include all recorded owner-only material and the Facilitated Foundation Training Program, and free participation in any live training and educational webinars provided through Next Level Exchange and Sanford Rose.


  • Total cost of the SRA Discovery Program is $7,500. The onboarding fee for Sanford Rose is also $7,500; should we mutually determine that Sanford Rose is the right fit for your firm and we elect for you to join at the conclusion of the program, this fee will be applied and the onboarding fee will be waived.

* Payment plans available
* Firms must be invited or approved for candidacy in Sanford Rose Associates network of independently owned and operated offices
* Next Level Exchange accepts credit cards for the SRA Discovery Program