Facilitated Foundation Training


Access to the FFT course on www.nl-academy.com will be granted to your student by 9:30 central the day their class series launches. Students will also receive an email prior to class with instructions on how to join the LIVE classes via Zoom.

*Only students attend the LIVE webinars*

Please provide each student’s first and last name, email address and the student’s Leader’s name and email address.

Program Details

Our Facilitated Foundation Training (FFT) program is an immersive 360 search training program that is Trainer-led via 14 live webinars during a set five-week curriculum. This frees up your time while training your new or experienced recruiters, such as those who need a refresher or lack formal training on search fundamentals. Attendees include both new and experienced search consultants focusing on the candidate side or business development to full 360 search consultants.

FFT equips your recruiters with the skills, tools, and vernacular essential for a career in professional search. The quantity and depth of topics covered are also ideal for experienced search professionals who want to reaffirm existing skills or become proficient in deficient areas of knowledge.

We deliver FFT in a participative distance-based classroom setting, which includes 17 hours of live Trainer led course facilitation. The 14 live recap sessions expand and reinforce 60 chapters of 20 modules of our Foundation Training Program. FFT also includes over 30 hours of professionally produced videos, a 328 page participant training workbook, scripting exercises, quizzes and collaborative discussion questions. Participants learn and reinforce the essentials through live module recaps, group discussion, scripting and roleplaying.

The Tuition Cost of $1495/student Includes:

  • 14 LIVE Trainer-led webinars via Zoom
  • 6 week’s access to 30+ hours of streamed content on www.nl-academy.com
  • Student access to the FFT program starts 24hours before the first live class
  • Content includes Foundation Training modules and supplemental NLE TV episodes
  • 328 page Training Workbook with quizzes, collaborative questions and answer key
  • Assigned homework with student and Owner/Team Lead Homework Guides
  • Daily directional emails and supplemental scripts
  • Access to recordings of all 14 LIVE webinars for two weeks post course completion

Coaching call package add-on for Owner/Team Lead:

  • $150 – Two 15-minute coaching calls with program Trainer and Owner/Practice Leader regarding student – Request Coaching Calls
  • $300 – Four 15-minute coaching calls with program Trainer and Owner/Practice Leader regarding student – Request Coaching Calls         

Program Details and Benefits –

Live training without the travel: FFT is 100% distance-based, saving time and money for travel. Trainers are live on Zoom guiding students throughout the process. We encourage students to join with their webcams as well. All live sessions are recorded and available for viewing up to two weeks after course completion.

What is the time commitment? During this five-week program, students will independently watch over 30 hours of training content on www.nl-academy.com. They will also attend fourteen live webinars totaling 17 hours of LIVE classroom training. Owners/Practice Leaders who have their students take advantage of assigned scripting homework should allow them additional time each week to complete and turn in work to you for review.

Please note that week one of training requires a minimum time commitment of 15 hours. Ideally allow for 30 hours; the additional time considers pausing videos to take notes, homework, additional optional videos and if you elect for them to do the “Market Mastery Project.” Week two is approximately a 12 hour time commitment and weeks three through five are approximately 8 hours of total time per week. Owners opting for coaching calls should plan on two or four 15 minute calls (during the five weeks) with the Trainer to discuss their student.

Multiple learning methods: Tenured NLE Trainers strengthen the learning process through live module recaps. This includes roleplaying, scripting exercises, facilitating group discussion and participation, and performance management (PAR/ KPIs/ metrics) while teaching and reinforcing the principles of professional search.

Participants: FFT is full 360 professional search training. Students vary from recruiters without search experience to experienced search consultants with years of experience. FFT comprises students focusing on the candidate side, full 360 search consultants, business development professionals, recruiting trainers, and search firm owners.

Webinar length:  The live Zoom sessions are 60 or up to 90 minutes; fourteen live webinars on in total.

Who teaches FFT? Stacy Napoles and Christine Geiger lead FFT. You may also see Erin Bent teaching a class or two. These Senior Directors of Training and Development have over 60 years of combined search industry experience.


Five-Week Format and Session Content

Week 1 Module Industry Overview, planning, and candidate recruitment
Session 1 1 Search Industry Overview and Search Process Overview & Market Mastery Project
Session 2 4 & 9 Executing the Call plus Approaches to Recruiting
Session 3 2 Planning and Executing
Session 4 10 Responding to Recruiting Resistance
Session 5 12 Solid Candidate Data Sheets
Week 2 Module Candidate matching, presenting, prepping & debriefing plus intro to KPIs
Session 6 11 Extending the Call plus Recruiting Objections & Rebuttals Roleplay
Session 7 13 Matching & Presenting Candidates plus Intro to Performance Management (KPIs)
Session 8 14 & 15 Candidate & Client Interview Prep plus Candidate & Client Debrief
Week 3 Module Process management; pre-closing, qualifying, offer extension, acceptance, transition & resignation 
Session 9 16 Pre-Closing & Qualifying
Session 10 18 Offer, Acceptance, Resignation & Transition; PAR (KPIs) due
Week 4 Module Marketing/Business Development; marketing resistance & search assignments 
Session 11 3 & 5 Approaches to Marketing plus Marketing Resistance
Session 12 6 Solid Search Assignments, Marketing Objections & Rebuttals Roleplay; PAR due
Week 5 Module Service charges & resistance, contractual elements, top tips plus critical scenarios 
Session 13 7 & 8 Service Charges & Service Charge Resistance plus Critical Contractual Elements
Session 14 19 Top tips for Success & Critical Scenarios discussion; PAR due


For More Information Contact:

Christine Geiger
Senior Director of Training & Development
Email: christine@nextlevelexchange.com
Direct: 972-265-5249


Stacy Napoles
Director of Training & Development
Email: stacy@nextlevelexchange.com
Direct: 972-265-5380

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